What will happen in 100 years time?

There was a recent news article on the internet that discussed 100 year predictions made by the American civil engineer John Elfreth Watkins. Having read the interesting ideas he had that have come true, I thought I’d have a few guesses at what’s going to happen in another 100 years time.

1)      We will have solved the energy crisis – a combination of improved safety and management of nuclear waste, new technologies such as fusion, beamed microwave power transmission, hydrogen power and vast solar arrays will provide all our energy needs as older methods of generating power are made redundant.

2)      However, we will have massive infrastructure problems as cities become gridlocked, buildings get taller, and countryside is concreted over to cope with housing demand. We will probably have built cities in the sea.

3)      We will have a colony on the moon, and have travelled to Mars. The colony is likely to be mostly scientists rather than families.

4)      We will have discovered evidence of life on another planet, although probably only microscopic.

5)      Global population will be declining, having peaked at over 12 billion. Demands on our food networks will have forced us to farm the oceans more intensively.

6)      We will have discovered how to use matter transport, although it will not be commercially viable or particularly safe.

7)      There will have been at least one huge natural disaster, possibly a super volcano, killing tens if not hundreds of thousands of people and causing global climate cooling.

8)      Computing power will have increased exponentially. Computers will write their own programs as needed. Very few people will know how the technology inside future computers works as the computers will learn how to improve and manufacture new parts for themselves.

9)      The global influence of the middle-east will  not be diminished as oil resources become scarce. Deserts will be used as huge solar arrays, and energy produced will be sold to other countries.

10)   Computer gaming will have advanced hugely – it is unlikely however that we will view those games on television sets, which will be obsolete. Instead, we will wear a headset that allows us to control the game via mind control, and the images produced by the game will be transmitted directly to the brain.

Any other ideas?